I used to think...
But now I think...
This routine helps students to reflect on their thinking about a topic or issue and explore how and why that thinking has changed. It can be useful in consolidating new learning as students identify their new understandings, opinions, and beliefs. By examining and explaining how and why their thinking has changed, students are developing their reasoning abilities and recognizing cause and effect relationships.

This routine can be used whenever students’ initial thoughts, opinions, or beliefs are likely to have changed as a result of instruction or experience. For instance, after reading new information, watching a film, listening to a speaker, experiencing something new, having a class discussion, at the end of a unit of study, and so on.
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PZ Visible Thinking: Used to Think [Web Link]
  * Explain to students that the purpose of this activity is to help them reflect on their thinking about the topic and to identify how their ideas have changed over time.
* Have students share and explain their shifts in thinking. Initially it is good to do this as a whole group so that you can probe students’ thinking and push them to explain.
* Once students become accustomed to explaining their thinking, students can share with one another in small groups or pairs.