Peel the Fruit
We often want to develop learners’ understanding of a complex topic over days or weeks. This map can help. It’s not a routine but a way of planning and tracking over time the exploration of a topic. It can help in choosing good routines too.
You can use it with students collectively, to help them maintain a bird’s eye view of progress through a topic and to make with them good choices about what to do next. You can use it yourself, to plan topics and to track progress. You can also give copies to students for their individual self-management in pursuing a general class topic or individual projects.
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Template [Word]
PZ Visible Thinking: Peel the Fruit [Web Link]
  * Explain that the map is for tracking and guiding the exploration of the topic.
* Explain the metaphor briefly.
* Invite learners to help chart progress by using the map.
* It usually makes sense to start with the ‘skin’ and go to ‘getting under the skin’ with mysteries and then on from there to ‘substance’ and toward the ‘core’.
* You need not use all of the ‘substance’ approaches – whatever fits – and there’s no fixed order. You can go back to something and add at any time.
Pictures of Practice

"I gave “Peeling the fruit” a go with the Year 12 Legal Studies class. The feedback I received was very positive from the girls. We watched a video on IHL (current topic) and then I handed out A3 sheets of the template. You can use it with any inquiry topic.

Step 1: “In the outer most layer describe what’s there. What did you see and notice?” Give 4 min to think and complete in silence.

Step 2: “Within the second layer record any mysteries, what puzzles and questions do you have or have come up?” Give 4-6 min to complete.

Step 3: In the next layer outline the substance by:
- Building explanations what really is going on here?
- Make connection, how does this fit?
- Consider different viewpoints, what’s another angle on this?
Give 4-6 min to think and complete.

Step 4: In the middle recorded the Core, capture the heart, what’s at the core or centre of this? Give 1-2 min to think and complete.

I then had the students move around the room and sit with another students work, read it and add to the thinking, through ticking things they agree with, adding answers to questions and other positive notes. No negatives!

Finally I had the students return to their own diagram and add to it. Finally had each student share the core they had identified."

Matt Preston - Business Program Leader