This routine helps students capture the core or heart of the matter being studied or discussed. It also can involve them in summing things up and coming to some tentative conclusions.

This routine works especially well at the end of a class discussion or session in which students have explored a topic and gathered a fair amount of new information or opinions about it.
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  * The routine can be used quite effectively with think-pair-share. The teacher might close the class by asking, "Who heard a headline from someone else that they thought was particularly good at getting to the core of things?"
* Student responses to the routine can be written down and recorded so that a class list of headlines is created. These could be reviewed and updated from time to time as the class learns more about the topic.
* The follow-up question, "how has your headline changed or how does it differ from what you would have said?" can be used to help students reflect on changes in their thinking.
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