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Middle Leaders & Aspiring Leaders

The Impact of Leadership on Student Outcomes: How Successful School Leaders Use Transformational and Instructional Strategies to Make a Difference Christopher Day, Qing Gu and Pam Sammons 2016 UCEA Educational Administration Quarterly

Teaching and Leading for Quality Australian Schools: A Review and Synthesis of Research-based Knowledge Katina Zammit, 2007 Teaching Australia: Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership

Professional Learning Communities

What is a "Professional Learning Community"?                                                                                               Richard DuFour 2004 Educational Leadership

Professional Learning for School Effectiveness in Australia: What Does It Take? AITSL N/A

Professional Learning Communities: A Review of Literature Louise Stoll, et. al. 2006 Journal of Educational Change

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Learning & Learners

The Social Brain and Education                                                                                                                     Pieter J Rossouw 2014 Neuropsychotherapy in Australia

Harnessing the Incredible Learning Potential of the Adolescent Brain Katrina Schwartz 2015 Mindshift

How Does the Brain Learn Best? Smart Studying Strategies Ingfei Chen 2014 Mindshift

Visible Thinking

Uncovering Students' Thinking about Thinking using Concept Maps Ron Ritchhart, Terri Turner & Linor Hadar 2009 Metacognition Learning [Project Zero]

Making Thinking Visible Ron Ritchhart & David Perkins 2008 Educational Leadership: Teaching Students to Think


Pathways to Resilience Andrew Fuller & Andrew Wicking 2017 Resilient Youth Australia

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
Jean M Twenge 2017 The Atlantic

Failure: What a genius idea Michael Grose 2017 Parenting Ideas: Insights

Making a difference to student wellbeing Andreas Schleicher 2017 Teacher Bulletin

Current Educational Issues

Shifting away from distractions to improve Australia's schools: Time for a reboot                                                     John Hattie 2016 ACEL Monograph Series


Using Data

Over time assessment data analysis tracking a school's on-going performance [QUT ePrint]

Judy Smeed


Australian Educational Leader
  Targeted Teaching: How better use of data can improve student learning Peter Goss & Jordana Hunter 2015 Grattan Institute
  National School Improvement Tool Prof. Geoff Masters 2016 ACER