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  Smartcopying offers a great PDF summary of everything you need to know about Copyright as a student. Everyone should keep themselves informed about what they can and cannot do as a creator and as a consumer.
  Copyright and Creative Commons resources for high school students.
  The Copyright Agency is appointed by the Australian Government to manage copyright issues for owners and creators - these factsheets cover in detail the 'ins and outs' of Copyright...
  In this section you will find user-friendly information sheets and FAQs relevant for Student, including: using music in films and videos; what can be used without permission (from the creator or copyright owner); and using quotes and extracts fairly.
  Curtin University in Western Australia offers a quick guide for students that is worth checking out. This brochure includes a summary of Copyright and some important 'Dos and Don'ts' in an attractive and easy-to-follow format.
  This information has been developed by the National and State Libraries of Australasia (NSLA) as an information guide for library users about copyright in library collections.

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