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Artichoke Hearts
Lord of Shadows
The Thing About Jellyfish
This Raging Light
Words in Deep Blue
All About Mia
The Dark Prophecy
Defy the Stars
Four Weeks, Five People
Letters to the Lost
Optimists Die First
The Other F-Word
Remind Me How This Ends
Saint Death
Stranger Than Fanfiction
Tell Me Something Real


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Sesame Street Parodies

If you haven't discovered these yet, you'll be wondering: "How did I not know this was a thing?!" Here are some of our favourite book-related parodies. (Check out the other movie and tv show parodies here).







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  Looking for book recommendations? This tool uses authors or books you've previously enjoyed to recommend similar titles.
  GoodReads is an online social networking tool for book lovers.
  Epic Reads is a must for fans of popular YA literature. You might like to check out Epic Reads on: YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.
  This blogger read her way around 196 independent countries - plus one territory chosen by blog visitors - sampling one book from every nation. his link includes a lost of suggested books by country of origin.
  For aspiring writers, and those who enjoy getting a sneak peak at new and unpublished writing. Many popular YA writers first got notices on Wattpad. You can also find sample from upcoming publications.
  For honest reviews and booklists of YA literature.
  YA book blog from the State Library of Victoria - "by young people, for young people".
  Another great YA book blog.
  A book blog written by two friends, Magan & Estelle, who live in different states but share a love of reading. Find reviews and other great content. "We share thoughtful + honest reviews of the books we read, but enjoy talking about our crazy lives and other interest, too (style! diy! zac efron!)".
  This website allows you to map a scene from a novel, to explore a location through the literature it inspires, and to experience writing in a real way through the maps created by other readers.

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