Digital Citizens

Five-Minute Film Festival

Suffering from 'Instacurity'?

Ths public service announcement might change your life...


The Sync Up

Social Media and Smart Phone Etiquette with PopSugar:


Feeling on Display

High School boys and girls discuss how gender influences what they post, why and the implicatons of social media on their digital lives.


When You Post Online, You Post to the World

UNICEF promotes the potential for positive change through the use of online media platforms



What Digital Footprint are You Leaving?



Think Before You Post!

This clip from Flocabulary offers the top ten things to think about before you post to social media platforms. It's a little goofy, but the advice is spot-on.


Crash Course

Beloved author, John Green, and his Brother, Hank, offer interesting video 'crash courses' in literature, psychology, chemistry, biology, ecology and world history. Including clever animation, this YouTube channel is for girls who have alway wanted to know more!

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